Why Become A Volunteer?

There are many reasons as to why volunteers join the Friends of Milton Keynes Hospital & Community. Most often is that they want to give back something to the community, find new friends and feel that they are really doing something worthwhile. Here are some of the volunteering opportunities:

  • Helping in the shop on the till, serving hot drinks, taking customer orders and filling shelves
  • Take the morning trolley round the wards for the benefit of patients and staff
  • Help to raise money on the stalls
  • Fundraise on the stalls at the hospital and around in the community
  • Do your own fundraising in your local community such as the school fete
  • Become a trustee to help move the charity and the shop forward for the next 40 years
  • and many more things .....

What Our Volunteers Had to Say

What a founder volunteer member said

‘I first came to live in Bletchley in 1947. At that time any hospital treatment was over 20 miles away. As the new city of Milton Keynes developed the plans for a hospital materialised in the late 1970s’. It was then that my husband and I became founder members of the Friends of Milton Keynes Hospital & Community (formerly League of Friends of Milton Keynes Hospital) and we remained active members until the early 2000s’


‘I became involved with the Friends over 30 years ago after a serious car accident. I realised how important the Friends were within the hospital, especially the trolley ward round and also the little kiosk shop that was there at the time. I have found it very rewarding giving something back to the hospital, the Friends is like a small community. In our own small way, we help patients, staff and volunteers’ 

‘I came back to my home town, Newport Pagnell, after I retired and was widowed. I soon found I needed a reason to get up each day and decided to do voluntary work. At an event, I met a trustee of the Friends who asked if I would like to help on the weekly stall, then in the old main entrance. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I came back every week. Meeting new people, being a listener and it also gave an opportunity to promote the Friends and explain the good work that’s done. Four years ago, I became a trustee of the Friends of Milton Keynes Hospital and Community. 
I find the whole experience of being a volunteer most rewarding and fulfilling, not only am I helping to raise money for the Friends so as to purchase items for the hospital and community but I thoroughly enjoy meeting so many different people’

‘I was originally invited to join the Trustees as a co-opted member over 30 years ago. I have been a trustee for 30 years and for many years I was chairman of the Friends of Milton Keynes Hospital & Community until 2018. I have enjoyed being a volunteer and organising the purchase of items for the hospital. For many years I was also involved in the Friends Shop from mopping the floor to cashing up’

‘As a number person, I was asked by a friend in the mid-90s if I would become the treasurer for the Friends Charity and the shop. I found it very rewarding. I have retired from doing the shops accounts but I am still a trustee and look after the Charity accounts that do not involve the shop’

‘I became a volunteer because I wanted to do more for my community and give back to a health system that has cared for me and my loved ones. I chose the MK Friends Shop as it had provided a sanctuary and a place to stop and refuel while visiting those I care for in the hospital. The flexibility of shifts, friendliness of staff and volunteers and the weekly opportunity to regain perspective as I see those in need is one of the reasons that after 10 years I am still here. Brilliant support for those in need and a wonderful charity that I am proud to be part of’

‘I became a volunteer in MK Friends Shop after I was widowed as I wanted to do something on a regular basis. I like being able to help people and to give something back to the community. I like volunteering in the shop as I meet people and know what an important service it is to the patients, visitors and staff’

‘I started volunteering in the shop after I retired from working in the hospital. It keeps me occupied and I love being around the people in the hospital and shop. I always valued the shop before I retired and that is why I chose to volunteer in the shop’

‘I have been involved with MK Friends shop for over 30 years and have seen how it has grown and how we offer so much more than the average shop. Many patients and visitors, especially those that are in the hospital for long periods, regard us as their friend and often find just having a chat whether it’s about sport, food or whatever really helpful. We know the needs of many regular customers such as how they like their bacon or toast cooked. We often get thank you cards so we must be doing something right. We have a wonderful range of volunteers and staff from all walks of life’

‘After my children left home, I wanted something worthwhile to do. I knew of the Friends shop from visits to the hospital. So, I became a volunteer and have been in the shop for over 10 years. I meet lots of nice customer and patients and enjoy talking to them and other volunteers and staff. I like the community spirit we have’

‘I became a volunteer in the shop when a friend asked if I would help take the trolley around the wards. I did this for a number of years before becoming a board member of the shop. Since retiring I have enjoyed getting more involved. I find it extremely rewarding taking the trolley around the wards for the benefit of patients and staff. Patients and staff are usually waiting for us!’

‘I have always wanted to volunteer in a hospital and when I moved to Milton Keynes there was the opportunity to volunteer in the shop. I really love it and have been doing it for over 5 years. I look forward to coming in even on a cold winters evening!’ 

‘I moved from Wales to Milton Keynes with work in the late 70s’ before the hospital was built. A friend encouraged me to get involved with the League of Friends in those days and I soon became involved with the shop and committee. Since retiring I have been able to spend much more time helping the Friends in the shop and as a trustee of the charity. I thoroughly enjoy meeting staff, patients and visitors. I find it really rewarding and I also get involved with other things within the hospital. I love the community spirit’

One-Off Donations

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Over 40 Years of Supporting Patient Care in Milton Keynes
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