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Cancer Centre Opens

Posted on 08 March 2020

Cancer Centre 2020.

The New Cancer Centre at Milton Keynes University Hospital opened to ward patients on Saturday 29th February.

It all went smoothly and everyone for Ward 22 was moved. MK Friends provided all the refreshments for staff and volunteers during the day with Ann Thomas serving hot drinks and sandwiches.

Freshly made sandwiches and fruit came from MK Friends shop next to the Restaurant in the blue zone

Refreshment volunteers

On Saturday 29th the newspaper trolley run by MK Friends, with volunteers Clare and Lucy, not only went to Ward 22 and then to the new Cancer Centre for the first time

First newspaper trolley round in the cancer centre

​MK Friends funded 22 chemotherapy reclining chairs (£30,000) for the day patients. They will enable the patient to be treated in comfort. The day patient area is divided into smaller areas with different colour schemes.

Chemotherapy Reclining chair

​Some of the chemotherapy chairs are placed near areas where people can relax. People can be treated without being too close to anyone else

A pool table nearby

​MK Friends funded 24 televisions (£7,000) which can be found throughout the Cancer Centre including the wards, day patient areas and waiting rooms.

Televison in one of the waiting areas

One-Off Donations

Your support will help MK Friends fund more items for Milton Keynes University Hospital.

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