Fresh Cold Food

MK Friends Freshly Made Cold Food

Our sandwiches are made fresh on a daily basis using bread from a family baker. Baguettes, rolls and cakes are delivered daily from a local bakery. Heat-sealed packaging is used for freshness.

All our packaging is biodegradable and is made from plant material.

If you can’t see what you like then please ask as we will make it for you if we can.

Remember we also sell hot drinks at affordable prices starting at 90p for a cup of tea and £1.10 for fresh bean coffee or hot chocolate.

​Sandwiches ........

All those shown are made in both white and wholemeal bread.


We use British mature cheddar. The range includes those containing cheese on its own or with salad, tomato, pickle, onion, coleslaw, cucumber or ham. (291-340 kcal per sandwich)

There is also a sandwich mix containing cheese & spring onion with mayonnaise (430 kcal per sandwich)


We use local free-range eggs from Mursely village. We cook our eggs daily so they are freshly hard-boiled. The range includes egg on its own, with mayonnaise, salad, tomato, cress, ham or bacon. (260-330 kcal per sandwich)


The range includes tuna & mayonnaise, salad, cucumber, onion, coleslaw or cheese. (260-390 kcal per sandwich)


Our prawns have not been frozen giving more flavour. The prawns are lightly mixed with mayonnaise with lettuce. (250 kcal per sandwich)


Crab with mayonnaise and lettuce. (310 kcal per sandwich)


We use gammon ham. The range includes ham on its own or with mustard, salad, tomato, pickle, onion, cucumber or egg. (250-340 kcal per sandwich)


Crispy cooked bacon with lettuce and tomato (BLT) or with egg. (280-330 kcal per sandwich)


Sliced breast chicken with lettuce, salad or bacon. (260-370 kcal per sandwich)

Special Chicken Mixes

These are special pre-mixed and include the following mixes: Tikka, Barbeque, Ceaser, Chinese, Coronation, Italian, Jamaican, Piri Piri, Sweet Chilli and Red Thai. (260-370 kcal per sandwich)


Chinese Aromatic with lettuce (310 kcal per sandwich)


Minted lamb with lettuce (310 kcal per sandwich)

Baguettes, Rolls and Wraps .......

Baguettes and rolls are in both white and brown bread.


The range of fillings for baguettes is similar to the sandwich range including the chicken special mixes.
(380-800 kcal)


The range of fillings for rolls includes cheese, ham, tuna and egg as in the sandwiches and also a range of corn beef rolls. (200-300 kcal)


Wraps fillings include all the special chicken mixes as well as other chicken combinations. Also ham, crab, prawn and duck. (300-500 kcal)

​Other cold food .....


Range of salads available including ham, tuna, egg, cheese, chicken and prawns with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion and coleslaw. Usually made to order so you can choose.

Pasta Pots

Range of pasta salads with various mixes of the day. These might include tuna & sweetcorn, chicken & bacon, crab, prawn, chicken tikka, chicken caeser, chicken coronation, chicken chinese and chicken piri piri.

Fresh Fruit Pots

Selection of fruit in season usually including grapes and melon

​Fresh Cakes from our Bakers

Doughnuts including jam, cream apple or custard.

Buns including iced buns, chelsea buns and fruit buns.

All scones are buttered. Plain, fruit and cherry are available.

Bakewell slice

Caramel slice

Swiss split

Viennese split

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