Cancer Centre Appeal (2019)

The new Cancer Centre at Milton Keynes University Hospital opened to ward patients on Saturday 29th February 2020. This unit is much needed for Milton Keynes and the surrounding area as it will enable more patients to be treated locally to their home.

MK Friends funded 22 chemotherapy reclining chairs (£30,000) for the day patients. They will enable the patients to be treated in comfort.

The day patient area is divided into smaller areas where patients can be treated without being too close to anyone else.

MK Friends funded 24 televisions (£7,000) which can be found throughout the Cancer Centre including the wards, day patient areas and waiting rooms.

MK Friends shop will be supplying and stocking two vending machines, one with snacks and drinks and the other will have freshly made sandwiches, yoghurt, salads and juices.

There is still money to be raised to provide those little extras that make a patients stay more comfortable.


If you would like to make a donation to the Friends of Milton Keynes Hospital & Community for the Cancer Centre appeal then please go to our donate page.

One-Off Donations

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