Robotic Pets Appeal (2021)

Robotic Pets for Milton Keynes Hospital patients and care home residents

Robotic Companion Pets can be hugely beneficial for people living with dementia and Alzheimer's; people with Parkinson's, the elderly, and anybody suffering from mental health issues. An effective, drug-free way to calm and soothe is to give them a soft toy they can cuddle and interact with.

People with Alzheimer's and dementia frequently become agitated, anxious and frustrated and could benefit from a pet, but would have difficulty in managing the safe care of a real animal. The robotic pets move, purr, bark and respond when petted or hugged. Some think these are real animals and feel a sense of purpose when they pet and “care” for them. Others may simply enjoy them as a fun, cuddly interactive toy. Many caregivers report that after giving their patient a robotic animal, they’ve seen positive results like increased happiness and calm, reduced agitation and anxiety, increased engagement through playing and talking with their ‘companion’, having a sense of purpose from caring for their pet, reliving happy memories of a previous dog or cat and giving visitors (especially children) something to focus on and interact with for more successful visits.

Our campaign aims to provide robotic pets for residents of Milton Keynes care homes and the dementia wards at Milton Keynes University Hospital who would benefit from a pet companion.

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