Scanner Appeal (1988)

It soon became apparent the hospital required a C.A.T. scanner Whole-Body-Scanner as soon as possible. On 12th April 1988, the Friends of Milton Keynes Hospital Scanner Appeal Committee was formed to raise £400,000 in two years.

In fact, over £620,000 was raised within 18 months which meant the scanner was installed and being used in 1989. The extra money was used to fund the operation of the scanner. This was achieved by the massive efforts of volunteers and one part-time fundraiser.

In the late 80s’ the population was half that of 2019 so it was amazing how quickly the money was raised and in recognition, the Friends funded a book of contributors and there is the following acknowledgement:

‘This incredible achievement is solely thanks to the overwhelming generosity of many, many kind people – individuals, groups, organisations and companies – of all ages and interests. Every gift – from pennies in boxes to the anonymous donation of £100,000 and from the smallest to the greatest amount of time or effort or goods or simply goodwill – is of lasting value in the priceless worth of the CT Scanner Service to our Hospital and its patients and community as a whole’

The contributors included over:

  • 2,000 individuals and families
  • 330 clubs, including sports clubs, social clubs & W.I.
  • 33 schools and further education establishments
  • 360 businesses and their staff and customers
  • 45 healthcare areas such as GP surgeries, staff within hospitals, care homes
  • 256 donations made in tribute in memory of people who wished to give to the Scanner Appeal

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